How to choose your perfect eternity or anniversary ring.

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Have you been thinking you would like an eternity ring for that big anniversary, to celebrate the birth of a child, or just would like something to compliment your engagement ring?  Not sure what to choose?  Read on ….

There are many options when choosing an eternity ring so here are some things to consider first.

Firstly, what carat gold is your engagement ring, 9ct, 18ct? not sure? Ask your local Showcase Jeweller! It is best to stick with the same carat as the metal will wear better next to a metal of the same hardness. For example, putting a 9ct ring next to an 18ct might wear the 18ct ring down faster as it is more malleable. For more information on this see our blog ‘Which is better – 9ct or 18ct gold?’.

Second, what style is your engagement ring? Is it claw set, bezel set or something more unusual? Do you want to match the style or go for something different? Also the height of the setting (the part in which holds the stones) of a ring makes all the difference in what can be worn with it, if you have quite a high set ring such as a solitaire you can pair most styles of bands to fit alongside it underneath the setting, whereas a ring in which the setting sits flat against the finger would most likely need a curved style band to fit around it.

An eternity ring should complement your engagement ring.  You can achieve this by choosing a similar style with stones that aren’t so large as to overpower your engagement ring. If you have stones set in the band of your engagement ring, matching an eternity ring with the same size of stones in a similar setting is a great way to accomplish a complementary look.

Wanting some colour? Go for a band with coloured gemstones! Coloured stones are a great way to mark a special anniversary, for example rubies are the traditional stone to mark 40 years of marriage, sapphire 45 years, emerald 55 years and so on. Or if you’ve always fancied a particular stone, it’s a great way to incorporate it, some women even choose to have rings made with the birthstones of their children incorporated. Often rings you see in a jeweller’s store can come in a combination of different stones even if they don’t have them in the store. Ask the Salesperson about the possibility of an eternity or anniversary ring with the coloured gemstones that you want. They may even be able to source more styles for you to choose from.

Want to add some sparkle? Going for an eternity ring with bigger diamonds will help bling up your existing rings and can even help update your look if you’re feeling like your old faithful’s aren’t cutting the mustard anymore. A modern style band with either bigger diamonds or stones of different sizes or cuts can drastically update and change the look of your set of rings.

Talk to your friendly team at Greymouth Showcase Jewellers and we’ll be happy to show you all the options and help you select your perfect eternity or anniversary ring.

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