18ct Gold 'Swarovski' Lab-Grown Diamond Trilogy Ring

18ct Gold 'Swarovski' Lab-Grown Diamond Trilogy Ring

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Featuring a total of 2.04ct of stunning Swarovski lab grown diamonds this is a ring to knock the socks off!

New Zealand made ring.

Each diamond is laser engraved and comes with diamond certification.


Lab Grown Diamonds are grown in a strict controlled environment using advanced patent technology and machines. They replicate the conditions under which mined diamonds naturally develop when they are formed in the earths mantle.

These created diamonds consist of genuine carbon atoms arranged in the same atomic diamond crystal structure as mined diamonds. Since they are optically, physically and chemically identical, they are graded as diamonds by every gemmological institute in the world.

The only difference is they are grown above the ground, not below.  And the price is considerably less than what you'd pay for the same item with natural mined diamonds.