Casio G-Shock Womens Step-Tracker Sports

Casio G-Shock Womens Step-Tracker Sports

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Introducing the new compact G-SHOCK model that is great choice for women who prefer traditional G-SHOCK styling.

These models add a new selection of colors to the G-SQUAD lineup of sports watches that make daily training more fun and effective. The size of the GMD-B800 case is approximately 3 mm smaller than the case of the popular G-SHOCK GBA-800, which makes it the perfect choice for those with smaller wrists and those who prefer a more compact watch.

Function-wise, the watch can link with a smartphone using Bluetooth communication, which makes sports activities even more fun than ever. The watch links with the G-SHOCK Connected phone app to provide access to a number of functions that support workouts. Daily health and fitness support functions include a 3-axis accelerometer that keeps track of step counts, a timer that lets you create up to 20 combinations of five timers each, memory for up to 200 lap records, and more. G-SHOCK Connected also makes it possible to maintain step count logs with five exercise intensity levels, calculate the calories you burn, specify a daily step target, create timer combinations and send them to the watch, store stopwatch measurement data, view data, and more. All of this combines to help you plan and record your workouts, making them more effective and enjoyable.

Other features include app-based auto time setting correction and more for improved timekeeping efficiency, and an Auto LED Light that facilitates workouts in areas where lighting is dim.

Smartphone Link

Step Count Log with five exercise intensity levels

Calorie calculation

Combinable timers

Stopwatch data log

Auto time adjustment four times a day

World Time for approximately 300 cities

Time swapping

Alarm setting

Simple time setting

Phone finder

200m water resistance

Step count using a 3-axis accelerometer (Step Count Graph, step goal progress graphic)

Stopwatch with Target Time alarm (lap/split display switching, up to 10 Target Times, 200 lap time records)

Interval timer with up to five time settings (Auto repeat up to 20 times, skip, auto start, alert sound)

Super Illuminator with Auto light

2 Year International Warranty and 2 Year New Zealand Replacement warranty