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The Passion8 Difference

Discover what separates Passion8 Diamonds from the others - our signature hearts and arrows cut.


Less than 1% of the worlds diamonds are of a high enough standard to become a PASSION8 Diamond. Once hand selected, the rough stones are expertly cut to exact and perfect mathematical proportions by some of the worlds most qualified diamond cutters and polishers. The cutting can take up to 5 times longer than cutting an ordinary stone and up to 10% more rough weight will be sacrificed to achieve the perfect cut.

The result however is breathtaking. Each one of the 58 facets is cut to perfect mathematical proportions, revealing 8 perfect hearts and 8 perfect arrows within the stone. This ensures light refracting through the diamond only comes out the top surface, creating an extraordinary sparkle. Such a sparkle in fact, that PASSION8 Diamonds will perform 2-3 shades of colour whiter and brighter when dirty than an ordinary diamond.




PASSION8 Diamonds are precision cut in a way that creates exactly eight perfect hearts and eight perfect arrows. This perfectly symmetrical 58 facet cut ensures light refracting through the diamond only comes out the top surface. The result is an extraordinary brilliance that allows your diamond to perform amongst the best giving ULTIMATE SPARKLE, FIRE and BRILLIANCE.


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