Journeys of the Heart

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Journeys of the Heart Diamond and Gemstone Collection is coming to Greymouth!

Greymouth Showcase Jewellers are excited to announce the arrival of the ‘Journeys Of The Heart’ Collection, an exclusive diamond and gemstone collection in their Greymouth Jewellery store this Month.

Journeys of the Heart is a 50 + piece collection of spectacular diamonds and gemstones hand selected for their high quality makes, uniqueness, design and beauty. Featured in the collection are some of our exclusive brands including PASSION8 Diamonds, a precision cut diamond which gives you a superior diamond that will give you extraordinary sparkle. Dreamtime Diamonds and Argyle Diamonds, which showcase diamonds from our very own Argyle Diamond Mine in the East Kimberly region of Western Australia, these pieces offer uniqueness in giving you a diamond of Australian origin, and designs inspired by Australian landscapes.
Canadian Fire Diamonds, which are mined in a way that meets the highest environmental standards in the world. The purity of their creation make them the perfect symbol of love, peace and honesty.
And finally ALTR Created Diamonds, our newest diamond brand, ALTR Created Diamonds are man made by simulating natural conditions of extreme heat and pressure or chemical vapor deposition. Both mined and created diamonds are identical in chemical, optical and physical composition. ALTR Created Diamonds are available in various sizes, colours, shapes and grades and attractive price offerings.  


Journeys coloured rings


It goes without saying that jewellery holds a great importance to us, jewellery is so much more than ornaments or accessories. The jewellery we treasure today will become precious heirlooms passed through each generation. Representing lifetimes of significant moments, from first loves, to forever loves, precious friendships, children, milestone achievements and sometimes even losses.

A jewellery box is filled with treasures than recount your hearts journey and every piece selected for the Journeys of the Heart collection is a worthy addition to your jewellery box.

Justine and the team at Greymouth Showcase Jewellers are excited to showcase this collection of stunning jewellery to their clients. The collection will be in store for a limited time only from the 4th of November to the 20th. During this time we invite you to visit them in Greymouth on the corner of Mackay and Tainui streets to view, delight in, and try on this remarkable collection of jewels.

A special VIP evening will also be held on 13th November from 5-7pm which you are invited to attend. If you would like to join us for our evening of being surrounded by breathtakingly sparkling jewels, please RSVP to by 9th November. We will also be offering finance options for those clients who wish to add a little more sparkle to their or their loved one’s lives. 

 Limited Edition Journeys of the Heart rings