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Sometime after the earth began, deep within the earth’s core, carbons came together. With time and pressure, the carbons crystallized into the most precious object in the world - a diamond. There it waited for 3 billion years, until a volcano erupted, taking it on a turbulent journey to the earth’s surface and coming to rest beneath a glacial lake in Canada’s Arctic North.

Introducing Canadian Fire, a diamond remarkably pure and natural. Every Canadian Fire diamond is mined and polished to the highest standards uncovering its rare beauty and brilliance. Each diamond comes with a Certificate of Origin confirming that it was mined in Canada’s Arctic North. Our stringent monitoring system follows your diamond from the mine, through the refining facility, to you – the only programme of its kind in the world. 

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Only diamonds of the finest purity and craftsmanship qualify to receive our Canadian Fire Certificate of Origin, which serves as your guarantee that the diamond you are purchasing:

  1. Is mined in Canada in a socially and environmentally conscience manner.
  2. Is a 100% genuine natural diamond.
  3. Has passed our rigorous inspection for quality and cut.

For security each Canadian Fire diamond is laser inscribed with a unique Diamond Identification Number. This Certificate ensures the life process by which a Canadian Fire diamond is mined and crafted.

Diamonds as clear as your Conscience.